About water-towers PDF role of management accontant
Over millenniums people look after possibilities to save water, which is essential for the needs of the mankind. Mostly water-tower saved the water, which were designed by beginning of the 20th century into different forms and set up.

The reservoir in the water towers was partly used to make pressure on the water pipes. Water-towers therefore very often are found on hills or in higher standings. They also served for the support of pumps if these weren't efficient enough for the sole supply.    
Still made hay too water-towers still very often are beside railroad tracks since they were needed by steam trains for filling with water. Unfortunately, these have lost today any use, as well the steam train are not longer in function.
The function of the water-towers always is taken over more and more by pumps or pump stations. So that new towers are unfortunately not built so much and old towers regarding the high cost of reparation and rebuilding fall often times into disrepair.